Minus the earrings-my ear holes are too big for those so they will just slip right on out haha.

I love this outfit so much! I chose to pin it because I really like the way that the black sweater, the black converse, and the black rose earrings match. The blue jeans add the perfect pop of color to this outfit.

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I love grey ! Never had the idea it would be a pretty nail color though. it is perfect for winter! It would match eveything I own almost

Deadpool Doc Martens 1 by GamerGirl84244.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The pic of spidey and deadpool is an original drawn by me. I wore them on Halloween, so it seemed appropriate Deadpool Doc Martens 1

Antique turquoise colored concealed carry handbag in embossed crocodile leather.

Antique Turquoise Croc Crossbody Purse - MoonStruck Leather

A tidy little no nonsense handbag dressed to the hilt in leather so beautiful you can feel the warmth of its beauty. Concealed carry never looked so good.