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Cute Girls Hairstyles {Videos}

Cute Girls Hairstyles {Videos}

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▶ DIY Woven Faux Hawk | Cute Girls Hairstyles -#fauxhawk #braid #cutegirlshairstyles #haristyle

DIY Woven Faux Hawk | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Daxton & Paisley's Room Tour + GIVEAWAY!

Braided Half Up | Hairstyles for Prom
  • olivia c
    olivia c

    I love your channel, Brooklyn looked so pretty! Does Brooklyn, Bailey, or Kamri have layers? I do, and I love them when they are curled or straight, but I really love braids! And a lot of time, my layers stick out when I french braid it, or fishtail it...any advice?


    do a prom prep video!

Stacked Pull-Thru Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles
  • Kristen D
    Kristen D

    Mindy (and your girls) you are so good at doing hair. I have tried some of your hairstyles and they came out almost as good as you had done them in the video. You guys have real talent.

Faux French Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles
  • Madisen Hyde
    Madisen Hyde

    super cute


    my fave sport is gymnastics.

  • Alisha Rogers
    Alisha Rogers

    Dear cute girls hairstyles ,

  • Alisha Rogers
    Alisha Rogers

    I love ur hairstyles

Twisted Edge Fishtail Combo...not nearly as hard as it looks :) #fishtail #braid #cutegirlshairstyles #hairstyles #ponytail

Twisted Edge Fishtail Combo | Cute Girls Hairstyles
  • AriLore 👭
    AriLore 👭

    I like your hairstyles ❤️❤️❤️ please follow me

  • Natalie Kinzel
    Natalie Kinzel

    So fun to do this one!

DIY Faux Waterfall Headband | Cute Girls Hairstyles
  • samira

    Very nice

How to Get Diffused Curls | Curly Hairstyles
  • Hannah Bryan
    Hannah Bryan

    I loved the video!!

  • MINDY13  ₪ ✓
    MINDY13 ₪ ✓

    Can u make curl hairstyles plezz ♥

  • gяαcε нαℓℓ
    gяαcε нαℓℓ

    Hi CGH!! I am such a big fan!!! Can you do some no-heat curl videos? I watch your videos every week!!!! ♥

  • Amelia

    @Grace Hall - She has a lot of no heat curls tutorials, like the bandanna curls and paper towel curls.

Heart Ponytail | Valentine's Day Hairstyles
  • khizra sohail
    khizra sohail

    good and cool

  • Natalie Kinzel
    Natalie Kinzel

    I love doing this on my girls!

  • Natalie Kinzel
    Natalie Kinzel

    Check out how mine turned out!!

Accent Hearts | Valentines Day Hairstyles
  • Riley :D
    Riley :D

    I love doing this in my hair!! It's so easy and cute!!

DIY Triple Knot Accents | Hairstyles for Short Hair
  • Carrie Bulberry
    Carrie Bulberry

    awesome hairstyle. Also pretty and easy!

  • Mai Pham
    Mai Pham

    that looks so cool and amazing on you.

  • imali windsor
    imali windsor

    Love you Brooklyn and bailey ! Your such an inspiration to me ! I have been following you on YouTube for almost two years and I think your videos are awesome ! ! Thankyou!

Mermaid Heart Braid | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

The Twist Braid Combo | Cute Hairstyles
  • Sarah Rae Dorsey
    Sarah Rae Dorsey

    SO CUTE!

  • Maya Voss
    Maya Voss

    I did this on my friends hair and they loved it! so pretty! ♥ you Mindy!

  • Amina Asad
    Amina Asad

    I love this Mindy! I was just wondering could you please do a few DIY wedding/prom hairstyles for medium hair length

  • MzDip

    OMG! Love this! Keep making videos!

  • Libby Lou
    Libby Lou

    its so pretty

  • MINDY13  ₪ ✓
    MINDY13 ₪ ✓

    can you do ariana grande hairstyle

  • Maddison Herman
    Maddison Herman

    love this so much

  • Landrie LaPreze
    Landrie LaPreze

    I love you guys you are so awesome!

  • MINDY13  ₪ ✓
    MINDY13 ₪ ✓


  • Mackenzy Sambor
    Mackenzy Sambor

    I love this it is so cute I was wondering if you could follow my page that would make my day a hole lot better and I have bin a huge fan of your and I have tried all the hair do ..

  • Mimi Tor
    Mimi Tor

    This braid is really nice!

World's largest nativity plus amazing singers and a great message! #sharethegift

  • Paige Tyndall
    Paige Tyndall

    I saw you guys in this video it was so cool. I wish I was there in person

  • Tia Elkhoury
    Tia Elkhoury


  • Tia Elkhoury
    Tia Elkhoury

    This video really touched my heart

  • Kendyl

    You guys did amazing !!!!!!! #Sharethegift

  • Kim And Sarah Hager
    Kim And Sarah Hager