30 Inspiring Quotes about Happiness

30 Inspiring Quotes about Happiness

This is beautiful. It hurts because it mattered. You can't always be happy.


I said to someone I know, "I don't know why this hurts so much". And she said, "it hurts because it matters". And that was a huge thing for me to realize. That there are things in life that hurt. And they hurt because they are important.

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"She brought out the storms in people. She knew wherever there we'd dark skies and wild winds, lied a truth. And that is all she ever wanted, for everyone around her to embrace their storms and fall in love with their own violent winds.

Be authentic. Speak sincerely. Listen thoughtfully. Act compassionately and love. Always love. What we bring to life becomes our life.

I truly believe life is precious, don't take it for granted every day is a gift so treasure it. Forgive, forget, be kind and it will make things better. Everything happens 4 a reason even if we don't know why at that time. We will later understand.


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I understand now that I'm not a mess - http://themindsjournal.com/i-understand-now-that-im-not-a-mess/

I understand now that I'm not a mess

because I'm paying attention. Just like today. So many things going straight to my heart. Sometimes even just something I read or saw. And suddenly I find myself in tears.


Quote by Jaggi Vasudev: “The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.

7 Things Women Should Stop Justifying, To Themselves And Everyone Else --> and with some little tweaks it would apply to Men as well.

7 Things Women Should Stop Justifying, To Themselves And Everyone Else

Sister's wisdom: I used to care what people thought about me, until one day I tried to pay my bills with their opinions.