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Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom Management Ideas

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Perfect for my kids!!!

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Listening silently

Great idea!

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Love this for my classroom. Might have to do this

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Good idea!

FREE! Nice Notes! Positive Notes for Students!

Free: Secret Walker Certificates for Managing A Line of Students

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Extra Special Teaching: Making Smart Choices ~ Helping Students Deal with Frustration and Anger

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This file is a 46 page download that walks you through my behavior management philosophy. Included you will find a description of my OOPS Book and a behavior reflection sheet. I have included a copy of my stop signs to use as warnings. You will get a copy of my reward coupons, my job icons, and a portable stop sign. I discuss my Learn Like a Champion poster and you will receive a download of my poster


Kids who have earned the most good behavior tickets throughout the week get to choose first from the Fun Friday board! Great idea.

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  • maria duran
    maria duran

    this is so neat. i'm excited to try it this year. I only wish it were all set up in Spanish. I teach a 2nd grade dual classroom and I do the Spanish portion so everything has to be done in Spanish. but it's a great idea and i'm going to try it. thanks

Group Expectations.

Group Expectations Bulletin Board Set
  • Shelly Breden Hipolito
    Shelly Breden Hipolito

    I love this

Kid-Friendly Behavior Notice

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NOISE…removing one letter at a time when our voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking! It gives the kids a chance to regain control of their noise before it gets to that point.

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  • Miss. R
    Miss. R

    Or you just tell em to stfu..

  • Morgan Luecht
    Morgan Luecht

    Tori Kerschbaum-Hicks idea?

Show your SWAG: a fun way to get students ready for learning

Show your SWAG: a fun way to get kids ready to learn -
  • souad nk
    souad nk

    very interesting thanks

Marzano: "This is probably one of my favorite things for my classroom so far. It’s a little self-assessment flip chart. I have made one for each student and it will sit on the corner of their desk. It is small enough that it won’t be embarrassing for the student but it’s big enough that I can see at a glance who is having trouble with the topic and who is doing fine. I might not use it for every lesson, but I do think that if I get the kids into the habit of using the flip chart..."

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Students work as a class to earn parts for Mr. Potato Head. They earn a class party when he gets put together.

2nd Grade Rocks!: Parts may come and go!

I put an absent folder on my absent student's desk. The students at their table will make sure they get all of the work we do that day put in their folder. I do check their folder at the end of the day and make sure there are not tests or activities that can only be done whole class. Then, when that student returns the next day, they put their folder in their backpack. The instructions to the parents are on the folder.

What the Teacher Wants!: Management Monday!

Digital Differentiation: helpful links to online tools... Awesome!!

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners: Digital Differentiation

Tips for getting star quality work. FREE printable.

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Star Quality Work

Whole Brain Teaching: 3rd Grade: Classroom Management

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T.G.I.F.: Star of the Week! FREEBIE

TGIF! - Thank God It's First Grade!: Star of the Week! FREEBIE

Compliment Chain ~ record the compliments received for walking in line and for behavior in specials. The class receives one link for every compliment. When the chain hits the floor, they receive a reward. It is a very visual reminder of their excellent behavior!

Teach-A-Roo: Compliment Chain!

LOVE THIS IDEA: I picked a stick and they never knew who that person was until the end of the day. If that person behaved in line, listened and followed directions in class with few warnings, they got a surprise out of the treasure box and their name went up on the wall of fame..if the mystery person did not behave their name went back into the box or whatever I had and it was never revealed. FREAKING GENIUS!

Growing Kinders

Brain Bucks freebie! Use Brain Bucks to motivate your students to look for creative solutions to problems. I kept an envelope of Brain Bucks handy to reward good thinking any time of the day. I found them to be especially helpful in math when kids were working on word problems.

Corkboard Connections

When students are absent, place one of these "We Missed You" pages at their desk. Each time you hand out a new assignments, attach it to the sheet with directions. At the end of the day, you have a form, and all of the work for when your student returns.

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Clip Chart Take Home Calendars

Teaching With Love and Laughter