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yandereplum just had a birthday! Since I missed it, I don't… - shastakiss


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Sims 2 Maxis Makeover - European Townhouse - No CC This is a maxis makeover of the ‘European Townhouse - 1BR, 1BA’ house. I know the house doesn’t look like a townhouse in anyway or form but I tried. I managed to turn this maxis house into a 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom no CC family house. I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to go modern and it turned out better than I expected. I wish I could of added more bedrooms to the houses instead of more bathrooms but you guys can...



allisasims: “ I finally posted my gift to Delonariel for TBTO Summer Challenge! ” Since I’m out of bandwidth on my Box account. Here’s some alternative mediafire links: Download Tops Download...



I built these tiny apartments today and thought I would share. They are called Park View Apartments and are on a 2x1 lot. There are two apartments. Both are 1 bedroom and 1 bath with a balcony. I used...


Trade Off - Voleste - Done

TS2 - Three 1x1 Starters - Mara's Sims

TS2 - Three 1x1 Starters