13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart - THESE ARE GREAT!!!! And almost all of them were new to me! I especially loved numbers 4, 6, 9, 11, and 13. And even though I resisted #1 for many years, when I finally tried it a couple of trips ago to Disney World, it really worked!!!!


13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart


Amazing packing tips and tricks! Stuff you'd never think to do!

Two Twenty One
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Old Man's Cave, Ohio

Old Man's Cave


Devil's Bathtub Ohio ~ Hocking Hills

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How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks. amazing!

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Who ever made this....THANK YOU!

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How to pack like a ninja: 8 days in a carry on bag. Need to remember this!

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Awesome website. Type in your starting destination and your ending destination, and it will find ALL SORTS of things for you to do, see, eat, play along the way.

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Turks & Caicos Islands Located just south of the Bahamas, these islands have unspoiled natural beauty and an average of 350 days of sun each year.

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As manatees can't survive in water below 60 degrees, they migrate to Kings Bay and the adjacent rivers every winter, which are an average 72 degrees all year round. So from November through March 2012, you can head to Crystal River, which is 70 miles north of Tampa, where it is the epicenter of manatee-watching, and go frolicking with these giant but affectionate creatures.

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Siesta Key, Sarasota FL

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a flight attendant demonstrates how to pack enough for a 10-day trip into a single standard carry-on

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