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a piece of art that has been made to look like an ornament and is being held by a string
Le Blog de Frivole: Entredeux
two wooden knitting needles with green crochet lace on them, next to each other
Middia Arts
there are many different ornaments on the table
Tatting Patterns Christmas – Catalog of Patterns
the numbers are written in blue crochet on a white surface with an image of several
Doily Free Tatting Patterns
a close up of a person wearing a t - shirt and holding a cell phone
Tatted Bookmark
two pairs of pink crocheted earrings with numbers on them
Tatted Earrings
an image of a drawing on paper with numbers and letters in the shape of circles
Всем, кто вяжет, дарю старые идеи для новых работ
"Tatted ornament for the Christmas tree ~!~"
a heart made out of beads and other items on a white surface with the word love written in it
Tatting Patterns by Jane Eborall
a purple background with an ornate pattern on it
Page 13
Page 13
a purple background with an ornate pattern on it
Page 12
Page 12
a purple background with an ornate pattern on it
Page 11
Jewelry Patterns
a brown book with white writing on the front and back cover, which reads prisculla tattoo book no 2
Priscilla Tatting Book 2 http://www.georgiaseitz.com/public/pris2.pdf
an old book with the title, prisculla tatting book
The Priscilla tatting book .. : De Witt, Jessie M. [from old catalog] : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
The "Priscilla Tatting Book" No 2 (1915) - Online Vintage Instruction Book
an image of a blue doily on a white background
Martha's Tatting Blog: FREE PATTERNS