Easy nail design for beginners and short nails

Get The Look - Fergie's Striped Nails at the Wolverine Screening


Three different colors in a row on each nail, then crackle on top! Going to try this on Hailey's nails tonight.

Popcorn Nail Art

These are the cutest Popcorn Nails we have ever seen. Perfect for movie night, these are adorable, and show your love of this salty snack, without being over the top.

Easy nail design

We’re not surprised that a California Girl like Katy Perry would love herself some pink polka dots. We love these - bright, fun - everything! Want your own bright polka dot nails?

Comic Strip Nail Art

Comic strip nails: fastest way to do your nails. Things you need- rubbing alcohol, comic strip from the newspaper and top coat. dip your nail in rubbing alcohol for 5 sec then press on the newspaper for no more than 15 seconds.

soo futuristic

Square nails are elegant, cute, fashionable and professional looking. Take a look at these 101 beautiful square nails ideas… is super incredible! Read more: 101 Beautiful Square Nails Ideas photo.

Effie Trinket Nail Art (cutepolish)

Effie Trinket Nail Art (The Hunger Games) - I haven't actually seen nor read the Hunger Games (sinful, I know, but I'm working on it), but I am so enjoying the influx of awesome fashion stuff coming out of it!


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