Backyard Oasis Ideas

All the things I dream about having and creating in a backyard space!

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Backyard Oasis Ideas

Backyard Oasis Ideas

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Great Groundcovers! • Tips and ground cover picks!

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Hanging plants.

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packing A LOT in a little space! LOVE IT.

Plant a compact vegetable garden

Log section bench

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Autumn garden!

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Colorful planters would have the perfect place for this on our small front porch to bring some life to it!!

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Cupped hands stone garden planter, holding the beauty of nature- pretty simple to make, using reo bar chicken wire and ferro cement....

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Love how you can have a whole beautiful garden using the space on a wall. Vertical planter wall in your garden or patio is amazing.

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This is it! This is what we are going to do to edge our front garden beds

Your first Garden

Multiple levels of rock as a border looks neat and orderly but still natural. Also, many great landscapes at this site!

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Love this! Drought tolerant and peaceful. Need to get my landscaper busy...

23rd Annual Spring Garden Show | Potted

I have always loved to see plants “trained” into small trees, especially when they are plants we don’t normally see grown as trees. Plants like lantana standard or coleus tree. The buddleia or the butterfly bush is another one. In some states the buddleia is considered a invasive species (BBC) and they are trying to …

How To Train A Butterfly Bush Into A Tree -

7 Classic DIY Garden Walkway Projects • With Tutorials!

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Siracha Chicken Quinoa Bowl - This recipe was delicious, super easy, relatively quick, and definitely had a kick to it! Only problem was that I think the portion size is pretty small, so don't rely on the way she has it portioned out to determine how much to make.

Sriracha Chicken Quinoa Bowl

The Checkerboard Herb Garden

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More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of • Tons of Tips Ideas!

More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of… | The Garden Glove

What a cute and cleaver idea! Clear around the planting area, for productive growth of the beans. Greate hideaway for kids in the yard, leave the grass in the center.

Alternative Gardning: Pole Bean Hideaway

Use the frame from an inexpensive paper lantern.

No 114 Hanging Sphere topiary

old log for a planter

Easy Container Gardening: 7 Containers You Never Thought Of

A fountain of succulents / Magic Garden <3

Sumptuous Summer

Perfect Idea for that worn out wheel barrel. A Beautiful fairy garden home...maybe Tinkerbell lives here.

Plant Up a Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Glow in the dark paint is a cheap and fun way to bring on certain areas of your garden. Have a walkway with side stones? Try painting the stones with a green or purple paint to illuminate the pathway. Even old stumps can be painted to create a beautiful effect. For the creative, experiment with a mix of colors throughout your garden to create a multitude of designs.treewrap3

Get Creative: 5 Ways to Aesthetically Set Your Garden Apart

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden • Great info and Tips!

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Small Storage Sheds • Ideas & Projects! With lots of Tutorials!

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DIAMOND DAZE- Bottle Cap Art. $425.00, via Etsy.

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