30 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Room

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Homemaker tips...good ones! I will thank myself for pinning this one day!

remove furniture dents in carpet with ice cubes. This doesn't work if you have a "stainmaster" carpet. The melted ice just pools. So know what kind of carpet you have.


36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks -We always have Freeze Pops in the fridge on the dock - I like this idea for storing them. Now they wont come sliding out when I open the freezer!

Perfect for a basement and all those sleep overs and house guests during holidays... by far the coolest basement idea ive ever seen!

Built in Bunks Perfect for kids room, basement, guest room, cabin. I LOVE built-ins (See all posts for "Boy Bunk Room" for sources and Paint colors)

30+ Uses for WD-40 in your home - everything from removing scuff marks to getting legos apart!

30+ Amazing Household Uses for WD-40

Uses for in your home - everything from removing scuff marks to getting legos apart! Also have read that is is good for cleaning stainless steel appliances, going to give it a try.

Good idea for dirty santa

Cash Money Gift Ideas: Our favorite kind of Money Ball is this Christmas dollar ornament that Making Friends posted the DIY instructions for.

Scripture Art printable ~ Christian home decor on a budget.

Split the Lord's Prayer into a few frames and hang vertically along kitchen wall

More ideas