Makes me look fat :/

Anyone else hate when your jacket does this?<<yes that's why I don't wear zip up jackets

LOL!!! This world. Its probably like $30 for the tiny piece of cloth. And like WHAT IS IT?!?!

What is this supposed to cover? Clearly those distracting shoulders that schools are against.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 38 Pics

Funny lol -- When you called shotgun but regret it Daily Funny jokes

Oh not just at family events, even out with friends or something

I'm sorry but I decently hate family events so yeah this is me

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My ashes when they cremate me---gonna be filled with fabulous glitter for all my gay ships!<<<<I didn't write that, but m'kay me too

I laughed way too hard

Seth used "ight" so often!

You Just Realized

Thee picture is rectangular because of thee screen on your phone or iPad or camera is rectangular, unless if thee screen was square then you're picture probably come out as a square



Pun Husky

The worlds fastest animal is actually a type of bird

i am telling every kid i see this joke!

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