ducky punch

Ducky Bath Baby Shower Punch

rubber ducky bath punch perfect for baby showers. The punch has blue kool aid and sherbet ice cream plus a mix of sodas and champagne!

Washcloth Rubber duckies  (DIY)

Washcloth Duckie

Washcloth Duckie Rubber duckies get all the attention -- but a washcloth duck can really make bath time fun for a baby. Print the Pattern How to Make the Washcloth Duckie

A Baby Shower page, I KNOW. But picture this blue punch with floating penguins. Party Punch ~ 1 gallon Hawaiian Punch - Polar Blast (it's blue);

Rubber Ducky Centerpiece

Bubbly Ducky Baby Shower

Rubber ducky - dessert table :)

Party Frosting: Rubber Ducky Baby Shower ideas and inspiration I love the wall decoration

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