So true

Hhaha, I always say so sympathetically to my kids when they're whining, "Oooh what's that? I can't hear what you're saying through the whining.* Works every time!

All the time!!!!!yes! how DID they get up there?!?!?!

Graffiti on a bridge…

Funny pictures about Graffiti on a bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Graffiti on a bridge. Also, Graffiti on a bridge.

run away if you hear any of these terms from a woman

5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman -- a little harsh, but humorously true. Where is men's deadly term list?


Work is where I bitterly contemplate all of the productive things I could be doing at home. Home is where I watch tv and get on the. BAHAHA this is partly true

This made me laugh so hard

Those guys faces! Both disgusted as sh!t with that girl boobs! Hahaha cant stop laughing


Funny Farewell Ecard: Someday my headstone will read: 'If you're reading this, you're standing on my boobs.

If you remember…

If you remember…

I used to love to play the pinball game on my dad's computer as a kid!


And this is so TRUE! why worry about a zombi apocalypse when you are already a zombie?