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Name Art---Each student started the project by drawing a bold and page-filling design of their name. Each name was then divided into 16 squares, and cut apart. The name instantly became 16 tiny abstract designs featuring positive and negative space.

Magical Winter Trees

some children could paint the paper, cut it out into tree shapes and then they can add the white lines

Sailboats & Fish

school auction art project - fish and sailboats - love that orange sky and green sea.


The 5 th grade students watched a video showing many different examples of Paul Klee’s art work. Acrostic poem around the painting?

2nd Grade Warm and Cool Color Collages

Artwork by Tessa Second graders have been expanding their familiarity and use of warm and cool colors with these collages over the .

would do this with not only positive and negative shapes but also with complimentary colours - yr 7

Positive/negative space - TeachKidsArt: collage also painting cut in peices

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