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Hobbies are important. Take a visual vacation through some of Martha Stewart's favorite collectors and their collections.


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Camera ledge.

  • Jill Peterson
    Jill Peterson

    Shawnie Aden You need this!

  • Kristina Trifunovic
    Kristina Trifunovic

    Jelena Boricic aaaaaaaa ♥♥

  • DeAnna Gallardo
    DeAnna Gallardo

    I love this!

Martha Stewart's impressive Japanese cookware collection

  • Ivonne Walters
    Ivonne Walters

    Love this!

  • Zorrie Lee
    Zorrie Lee

    Kathy Lee

Birthstone Glossary

Birthstone Glossary - Martha Stewart Home & Garden
  • BKGJewelry

    Love :) Plz Follow back

Travel Keepsake Kits

Travel-Keepsake Kits - Martha Stewart Crafts

Jadeite Plates

Martha's Basement
  • Beautymanna

    Gorgeous! !

DIY Travel Keepsake Boxes

Travel-Keepsake Kits - Martha Stewart Crafts

Martha Stewart's Jadeite Collection will make you green with envy.

Martha's Jadeite Collection - Martha Stewart Home & Garden
  • Bobbie Sofia
    Bobbie Sofia

    No...but her yelloware collection does ;)

  • Sandra Williamson
    Sandra Williamson


Gorgeous jadeite collection.

Martha's Jadeite Collection - Martha Stewart Home & Garden
  • Sherrie Dutridge
    Sherrie Dutridge

    a lot of money there!

  • Maile Falk
    Maile Falk

    Seriously a lot of money! I love Jadeite but it's way expensive!

Adorable handmade linens from Kila Siku.

Uniting disparate collections: Art Deco teacups with folk art plates

Living with Collections

Create interesting scenes and vignettes by grouping various items together, as Jeffrey Moss did here.

Living with Collections

Jeffrey Moss's collection of black-and-white portraits

Living with Collections
  • Melissa Coyle
    Melissa Coyle

    please post his vingnette on the wood shelf on pg. 144.

Jenaer Glass Tea-Service Pieces

Craft Projects | Martha Stewart

The Collection: Vintage Creative Playthings | Living Blog

  • Nicky Miller
    Nicky Miller


  • Aimee Brower
    Aimee Brower

    Community Playthings are the best!

  • Tara Weilbacher {Sonoma Cottage}
    Tara Weilbacher {Sonoma Cottage}

    Love wooden toys!

1001 Ink Bottles

  • Marcy Chernowski
    Marcy Chernowski


  • Peggy Mathis
    Peggy Mathis

    @ crack me up, Your statement is priceless. Lol

  • Linda Rahman
    Linda Rahman

    I think it's called foot in mouth disease. I haven't found a cure for it yet other than wiring your mouth shut. Thanks for the support though.

  • Peggy Mathis
    Peggy Mathis

    No need to thank me. I have the same disease. hehehe

  • Jackie Juse
    Jackie Juse

    Yikes collecting is a disease alas I haven it too

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Sea Jewels Collection

Sea jewels by claraXY on deviantART

The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe
  • Home Barn
    Home Barn

    These indicate the colour after different lenghts of time the ceramics spend in the the kiln - gorgeous - via @marthastwart

  • Jennifer Steen Booher
    Jennifer Steen Booher

    Aren't those Wedgwood's trial samples?

Work - Likainen Parketti | Lily

Collections of Crystals: Moon to Moon

  • Noline Ludick
    Noline Ludick

    Wow, some really special crystals here...

White & Wander: Vintage Trophy Collection

Anja Mulder Sunday Collection

  • Raina Smallwood
    Raina Smallwood

    I love that little wooden owl!

John Derian with his collection of paintings.

Prized Collections - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Lisa Congdon with her Scandinavian enamelware.

Prized Collections - Martha Stewart Home & Garden
  • Karen Templer
    Karen Templer

    i want the lounge

Cafe au lait bowls

Home Tour: Warm and Welcoming Kitchen
  • Debbi Weiss
    Debbi Weiss

    Makes a nice collection statement.

  • HomeSav

    that's a lot of icecream to be consumed ;)

  • Heidi Lauman
    Heidi Lauman

    I kid you not, this image has been stuck in my head for ages. I LOVE that bowl collection.

jars and more jars!

  • Linda Richardson
    Linda Richardson