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Did you know April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month? Make sure you are prepared for any pet emergency with this printable checklist #MarthaStewartPets.

  • Ashley B

    While I appreciate the effort, I personally think that the only useful item on this list is the vet and emergency 24hr clinic #s. I would add know

  • Ashley B

    I would add knowing where each are located and having anti gas / stomach upset aid in the kit but talk to you vet first about dosage to be prepared.

Your four-legged buddy will be the highlight of the #StPatricksDay street parade with this fun, functional, and absolutely adorable green #MarthaStewartPets collar. Available at #PetSmart.

  • Arielle Right

    I was really disappointed that the new 'step-in' harnesses are so oddly sized. The medium was too snug on my pug and the large was waaaaaay too big. The old harness style fit great in a medium. If you're going to make these new step-in harnesses they either need to be more adjustable or come in more sizes.

  • Juliet Martin Russell

    Buckles on dog collars are uncomfortable, heavy and cruel.urprised Martha would allow this when the lighter more comfortable plastic clasp is effective and comfortable.

  • lacaso

    I love Martha's dog jackets that Velcro closed on TOP and have a small opening for the leash ring there on top too. So much better than other styles!

  • Paula Flournoy

    I, have to agree they do fit oddly I brought the blue & green yesterday for my female jack Russell. Didn't like the pink or purple with the tool on it. Fit is to large around chest area, but will keep & add a small piece of elastic to take up the slack.

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The #MarthaStewartPets Spring 2014 line features #seersucker and #bows. Exclusively at #PetSmart.

Dog Treat Cheat Sheet -- find out the appropriate sized treat for your pooch

How to attract specific birds with specialized foods

How to Make A Cardboard Cat Playhouse

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Your Pet's Summer Adventure

Transform a canvas tote into a "doggie bag." A U-shape cutout lets your small pooch enjoy the scenery.

  • Carolyn Cooper

    Not every one lives where small dogs can walk from point A to point B safely. Sometimes it's necessary to carry them, and this would be really handy!

  • Wendy Fischer

    Point taken Carolyn, sometimes we don't see the entire story. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dulce RL

    Also, the covered strollers can be used for house cats to get out sometimes. I see nothing wrong with that....

  • Kristin Devocelle

    I have a friend who has a doggy stroller and uses it frequently. She has a elderly pug and she takes her out for a walk and when she done doing her business she will just sit and refuse to go any further. So she walks her as far as she can go and then puts her in the stroller to get her out. I want to get one for my pug because I like to go for long walks for exercise but after almost a mile my pug can't go any further. I have had to carry him home before and hurt my back. This is common with small dogs so these strollers and bags are a godsend. Hence why they are made for small dogs.

  • Claire Szeto

    the one pictured is just like one we had before from Land's End if you're not into DIY

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Celebrate your home's newest arrival with this downloadable, Martha-approved pet-adoption announcement.

Pet Silhouette Stationery How-to

15 Great tips for traveling with pets.

#29 on our summer bucket list: Take Your Pet on a Trip

  • Coco of Summer

    ...or just leave them at home with an excellent petsitter--so they don't urinate in hotel rooms :(Travel can be stressful to a dog/pets.

  • margaret cannon

    Lizzie went to France several times via the Chunnel, and she loved it every time.

Personalized Dot-Painted Pet Bowls How-To

Clean-House Tips for Those Trying to Keep up with a New Pet

Manage Pet Hair and Stains

  • Suzanne LeFrancois

    You say to clean pet stains - but don't give any tips on how to!!! Come on Martha!!!

  • Corinne

    Suzanne, you have to click on "website" it will take you to the pet care tips. Then you'll have to click through to the end. I think it's the last one.

  • Suzanne LeFrancois

    tried that - went through the whole 7 - must be something with my computer

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