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I love you more than anything baby girl. I don't give a shit what anybody else thinks of us or how we started out or how we began. It is you and me that is all that matters. Let the haters sour their lives and sour their souls sour their spirits and destroy their own hearts with the hate they have for us because the love I have for you casts a shadow over any of that

:) he does say this and I always try my best to make his day better when it goes to shit. If everything about this state sucks, I still have two things to make my happy. And those are my two boys.

Whoever said "it's only a dog" OBVIOUSLY never loved a dog <3 find #love and #dog lovers with us at You Must Love Dogs Dating!

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Pit bulls can be soo sweet. My friend has a pit bull mix and he's the sweetest thing

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How To Make Your Dog Stop Jumping On People

This is probably the single biggest problem people ask dog trainers about...