"The best thing a person can have is their shit together." Maybe. I think that willingness to show up, keep trying and be real even when it's hard and feels messy is probably the best thing. You don't have to be bulletproof to thrive.

"Tell Me what you want." "I want You to bend me over and fuck me like the filthy slut I am." "Do you?" "Yes, Sir." "Then put that pretty mouth of yours to use and beg." Chicago. Female. Bisexual. Submissive. Single. Just trying to impress my boss and...


This is the dumbest piece of writing I have ever laid eyes on. Being 20 something isn't an excuse to be a selfish asshole. It's a reason to learn how to love, and build friendships, relationships that last, and a life that will have meant something.


Get a life! Live and stay out of people's business! Life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what other people are doing!