This was put together for a friend going away to her first year of college...:) Here's a few TIPS to make it through college...(q-tips) Give it your ALL (laundry detergent) You'll make great GAINs (dish soap) BOUNCE through the semester (fabric softener) And be home in a JIFfy (peanut butter) Have a BALL (stress ball) We love you to PIECES (Reese's) Tell the boys to back OFF (bug spray) Don't sweat the small stuff (deodorant) Home is just a DIAL away (dial body wash) ICEBREAKERS ease ...

So I am not a fan of this saying and constantly say “You obviously love oreos” whenever someone says it sooo I decided to make a care package themed YOLO. One of my closest friends/brother just left so this one is for him =D Here is what is in...

Halloween OREO Eyeballs – Kids Food Craft on Frugal Coupon Living. This make a fun Kids Snack for Halloween or use as a School Party Idea for October. #halloween #craft #kids #OREO #spooky #party

You’ll pick up a book, snack, or random trinket while shopping because it reminds you of her, but it takes you weeks to actually ship it. | 23 Ways Long-Distance BFFs Survive

Celebrate your college freshman's first day of school with a care package from home. This back to school kit has cheap but fun Dollar store items that will let your student know you love them and are rooting for them as they head back to the classroom.

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