Pool Party

MSAA invites “everyone into the pool” this summer to help us reach our goal. The Pool Party is perfect for individual swimmers, swim clubs and families looking…
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a plate with different colored fruits and vegetables in the shape of a rainbow on it
Beach Ball Fruit Pizza
A beach ball made of fruit! Yes, please.
children playing with a beach ball in a swimming pool
11 Cool Pool Games
Check out these great pools games your guests will love (especially the little ones!)
a group of young people are swimming in a pool
Grab your friends and "Dive In" this summer to support the MS community!
three girls and a boy are in the pool together, smiling at the camera while they stand next to each other
There's no better way to enjoy the summer sun & support a great cause than by hosting your own Swim for MS Pool Party!
a bucket filled with balloons sitting on top of a blue chair
Organize some games for your pool party! Water balloons are tons of fun!
a green object floating on top of a swimming pool
Welcome Summer with a Water Party!
Bring floatable toys to your party! Such a cute idea!
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