These are your kids on books via

"The Denver, Colorado nonprofit literacy group Burning Through Pages has gone viral with a gorgeous black and white poster encouraging parents to share books with their kids." -‘These Are Your Kids on Books’ Poster Goes Viral By Jason Boog on May 2012

Steampunk Cthulhu Mask  #Tentacles #Steampunk

RESERVE for Qwerty

Steampunk Cthulhu Mask , unique leather squid lovecraft, with riveted lenses tooled with brass and copper gears sprockets.

E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

pebble watch android device pebble watch kickstarter pebble smart watch E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android The Pebble e-paper .

The LA Public Library’s 1928 bookmobile for the sick.

Old school KINDLE.the los angeles public library’s bookmobile for the sick, 1928

Vintage Reading Posters from the WPA

“In March, Read the Books You’ve Always Meant to Read”: Gorgeous Vintage PSA Posters, 1939-1941


I have a plan, it's a bad plan

I have a plan. It's a bad plan and will probably fail spectacularly, but it's s till a plan. (If I had a dollar every time I said this to my bestie Splashy, we'd be wealthy!

It's THAT powerful!

“We Are Not Procrastinating, We Are Being Productive in a Different Direction!”

My library card can beat up your credit card. National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

An Invocation for Beginnings by Ze Frank #Ze_Frank #web_series

I've been on a Ze Frank kick lately. Lots to chew on // An Invocation for Beginnings by Ze Frank

Revolving bookcase/room divider

Inhabitat: UnWaste Rotating Bookcase made from reclaimed plywood, by BM of Bild Architecture, LA of Eco Innovators, and DW of Against the Grain

Sassy clock

This clock looks like it came from a Disney film. Beauty & the Beast perhaps? Or Alice in Wonderland.

Titanic Tea Bag Holder

They Foolishly Claimed This Titanic Tea Bag Holder Was Unsinkable

tanic tea bag holder is a beautiful design to honor the great ship Titanic and everyone who sailed in this ship. This stainless steel tea bag holder fits

This Toilet Is the Perfect Place To Sit When Perched On a Glass Floor Over a 15 Story Shaft

This Toilet Is the Perfect Place To Sit When Perched On a Glass Floor Over a 15 Story Shaft

The glass floored bathroom built atop a 15 story empty elevator shaft is located in Guadalajara, Mexico. designed by Hernandez Silva.

Carbon Fiber Bookshelves

Carbon Fiber Design Contest 2012 organized by Olympus FRP is over, the entry to win the first prize is a bookshelf designed by Davide Anzalone named as Aliante bookshelf. The motive of the contest was to promote the light and strong furniture made up of c