Oh, Chandler.

Chandler can’t Cry…The look on Joeys face is priceless.

Your wife suggested me..

Your wife suggested me..

My favorite Friends' episode- Ross and his spray tan!

I have an addiction to this amazing show. THE FRIENDS MUST REUNITE! And does anybody know what the heck happened to David Schwimmer??

My favorite Phoebe quote!

Friends: the best tv show of all time.

How you doin' ?

Joey trying to flirt with a girl in the apartment building across the street.

didn't get to see 'Friends' until reruns (but thank goodness I could) because I was at sea all during the 90s. better late than never! jh

Friends - Joey doesn't share food, one of my favorite scenes, lol

ahhhh.. one of my all time, favourite shows EVER!

Chandler: Okay, here's the phone bill. Joey: OH MY GOD! Chandler: That's our phone number. Friends TV show quotes

How you doin'?

Actually Rachel did she said "how you doin' joey?" When Joey wanted a long lasting girlfriend and monica told him that chandler and Monica were friends first


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IKEA, oh phoebs....

Phoebe Trolling

This is extremely funny for me as a swede.

I can literally watch this show all day every day and continue to laugh my ass off even if I have watched every episode 100x

Funny pictures about Joey's apple. Oh, and cool pics about Joey's apple. Also, Joey's apple photos.