Have a costume idea, but don't know how to drive it home? Add a wind up key and call yourself a doll. Bonus points if you "shut down" every so often until someone rewinds you

How to Create a Wind Up Key for a Costume

Doll up for Halloween this year with a simple DIY add on to a cute baby doll dress and voila! This wind-up key costume is so easy to make! All you need is some cardboard, paper towel tube and metallic paint.

The Art Of Beauty ~ Baby Doll Lip Tutorial | Also useful for Winfred's lips from Hocus Pocus.

If I had these beautiful lips I wouldn't want to hide them, the natural width and shape are perfect. But just incase you feel the need for baby doll lips. The Art Of Beauty ~ Baby Doll Lip Tutorial

8 Cute DIY TV Cartoon Character Halloween Costume Ideas |

8 Cute DIY TV Cartoon Halloween Costume Ideas

I love Disney movies and characters as much as the next person, and I always appreciate a good Disney themed Halloween costume. But honestly, if I see one more young woman (not kid) in an Elsa costume, I am going to scream. Most of our favorite Disney costumes are no longer interesting, fun, or exciting … Read More

19 Unique DIY Disney Character Halloween Costumes That Aren't Boring And Cliche

Star Wars fan? This fun and easy to make Princess Leia yarn headband takes less than 15 minutes to make and costs less than $5! Perfect if you're dressing as Princess Leia for Halloween.

Princess Leia Yarn Headband

15 Not-Scary Halloween Movies

Here are 15 of the best not-scary Halloween movies you can buy or stream this year! This is a great option for a non-scary floor movie night before Halloween.

Last minute mouse costume Wear all gray with mouse ears!!

It's May right now and I'm pinning fall stuff lol. Well this is a DIY last minute mouse costume. Grey smokey eye makeup, draw on some whiskers and a nose, wear a gray outfit, and get some mouse ears

Dollar Store Spooky Bush Eyes.

30 Dollar Store DIY Projects for Halloween

Using dyed coffee filters, this candy corn project makes a fun door hanging for Halloween!

Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Make a creative candy cone wreath with coffee filter for your fall decor. Great kids craft idea during fall season.