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Why Did This Teenage Girl Murder Her Best Friends?

Always the outsider, Christine Paolilla finally found happiness when two popular girls befriended her. And then she murdered them.

Carol Ann Coronado, 32, was found guilty of three murder counts for the killings of her three young daughters in May 2014

mother who fatally stabbed three daughters sentenced to life wothout

Jason Moss and John Wayne Gacy, 1994 Jason Moss, an ambitious college student looking to get a jump start on a career in law enforcement, wrote to several serial killers, primarily John Wayne Gacy, who almost killed Jason. From the 1999 Extra episode: "The fascination (with serial killers) almost cost him his life". Tragically, Jason did take his own life on June 6, 2006...

Jason Moss and John Wayne Gacy, 1994 Jason Moss, an ambitious college student…

This Day in History: Aug 20, 1989: The Menendez brothers murder their parents

A family outing on a yacht, a few years before the murders. The family would spend their last day together on a yacht, shark fishing.The Menendez family

The Murder of Comedian Phil Hartman by His Wife, Brynn—Who Then Took Her Own Life—Left a Legacy of Laughter, Two Children and a Terrible Question: Why?

Brynn Hartman murdered her husband, actor Phil Hartman, before killing herself.

Mary Kay Letourneau ...charged and convicted of statutory rape - later this student wound up having two of his children and marrying the student, too.

Mary Kay Letourneau Name: Mary Kay Letourneau School: Shorewood Elementary School City: Seattle, WA Age of Teacher: 34 Age of Student: 13 Rank: 1 Charges: .

Gwen Araujo,18, was killed by 4 men, 2 of whom she had allegedly been sexually intimate with, who beat & strangled her after discovering she was transgender on Oct 3, 2002. 2 of the defendants were convicted of 2nd-degree murder, but not convicted on the requested hate crime enhancements. The other 2 defendants pleaded guilty or no contest to voluntary manslaughter. In at least one of the trials, a "trans panic defense"—an extension of the gay panic defense—was employed.

Gwen Araujo 17 strangled and beaten for being pre operative transgender youth 2002