I love how creepy this is

Juha Arvid Helminen unnerves with his Shadow People, a dreamily creepy series of black-on-black photos that evokes The Invisible Man and Silent Hill& Pyramid Head monsters. His black-wrapped subjects are amassing an army to march through your nightmares.

Yeah, that's spooky. Something about scary things looking though doors and windows gives me the ultra-creeps.

what is we used skull masks for creatures--since it's in the underworld and maybe they're all "extinct"?--Umm guys sorry to sink your boat but is just an creepypasta called seed-eater

Clinton Lofthouse Evil Clown in Basement

Clinton Lofthouse Evil Clown in Basement - WHY would anyone even think about such a thing.so are YOU gonna pay for my therapy Clinton Lofthouse?

The "creepy girl figures" always creep me out.

The "creepy girl figures" always creep me out. Wow that is really creepy because she doesn't have a body! <<is this the girl from the Grudge?

Artist: Zack Dunn

But he's showing teeth so a little scarier then the other one

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Skeleton Crazy Clowns By tumultuouswoman We could easily paint some plastic skeletons to look like clowns.