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Otter DOWN! I am laughing so hard over this!!

I laughed entirely too hard at this.

The cuteness....... ah!

Some sloths for you - Imgur

Some sloths for you - Imgur

sloth giraffe sloth sloth

Impossible not to smile at this...

The history of birth control

OMG!!!! So Adorable!!!! Baby sloth hugging a stuffed giraffe. See, we all need furry friends to love.

capybara- big big ratties :)

Baby Capybara. Photo by Official San Diego Zoo

Baby capybara by Official San Diego Zoo, via Flickr

Super adorable kitty-loving capybara...

Monifa, pygmy hippopotomus calf at Sydney's Taronga Zoo (Photo courtesy of Ирина Бебнева)

'I have no idea how these grass clippings got in my hair' by Fran Leonhardt, sfgate: Baby elephant Ludwig at the Tierpark Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. #Elephant #Munich #Ludwig #Frank_Leonhardt #sfgate

Endangered Rhino Calf, nicknamed Mili, at San Diego Zoo

Hippo baby Gregor & mother @ Berlin Zoo (Marcus Brandt/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian rhinoceros baby with mother @ Nuremberg Tierpark (Timm Schamberger/AFP/Getty Images)

Nature's Kawaii, Baby sloth by *Psithyrus on deviantART