Tutorial on how to remove pee stain from mattress using natural ingredients! It's an easy, quick, and effective cleaning solution. DIY Cleaning tip hack.

How to Remove Pee Stain from a Mattress


12 amazing novels you should read this summer. Book idea list. Fiction.

12 fantastic books to read this summer {2015} - It's Always Autumn


Every week I receive 4-6 free packages in the mail. In return I take photos and post honest reviews. Here's how to become a product reviewer without a blog!

How to Become a Product Reviewer (Without a Blog!)


These 13 extensions and apps can help you streamline your Chrome browsing and help you do things you didn't even know were possible.

These 13 Google Chrome hacks will change the way you use the internet


I've been putting off patching and painting our baseboards, but this method seems SO easy! | Just a Girl and Her Blog

The Beginner's Guide to Patching and Painting Baseboards - Just a Girl and Her Blog


Got a stinky vacuum? Here's how to freshen a stinky vacuum and make your room smell delightful at the same time! You've got to see this!

How to Freshen a Stinky Vacuum Cleaner


#TBT DIY White Pique Dress + Pattern Review - Mimi G Style

#TBT DIY White Pique Dress + Pattern Review - Mimi G Style


Most women don't know how many samples are available online. If you ever want to try a new product, you can just check online first to see who is giving it away.

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Remove Rust from Silverware in seconds! http://fantabulosity.com

How to Remove Rust from Silverware & a BONUS cleaning tip of mine!


DIY decoupage Dr. Seuss "READ" sign for a children's book nook

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Re-purposed - recycled nut and other containers

Lewisville Love: Re-purposed Canisters for the Pantry


Check out this real food shopping guide for Costco

Costco Grocery Shopping List


Holiday Neighbor Gift Ideas via Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home #Christmas #Christmasgifts #gifts #neighbors

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a solar light used with a lampshade to make a patio lamp . . . okay, mind just blown

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Onions stored in pantyhose will last as long as 8 months. 27 ways to make your groceries last as long as possible.

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How To Fix Scratches on Wood Furniture- 1/2 cup of vinegar with a 1/2 cup of olive oil - rub it on, that's it!

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Natural Weed Killer :1 gallon vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, dash of dish washing detergent (makes it stick to the weeds). Mix well, spray on weeds in the morning, rejoice in their death that evening. This works best on a sunny day.

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How to get music off your ipod and onto your computer! I have used this several times and works like a charm-true lifesaver :) GENIUS

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For a dog who loves to tear apart stuffed animals, make a durable activity ball with a Hol-ee rubber ball, scraps of fabric, and treats. When they pull all the fabric out, stuff it back in and start over :)

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Homemade Garbage Disposal Refreshers.. made 14 Tb tablets..smells AMAZING...takes about 5 minutes to make

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Homemade Eczema Cream/Skin Moisturizer - need this for Drew

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have your MOH write the givers name on a label and stick it on the box right after it's opened. Like this idea so they are not writing non-stop and they can enjoy! Great for any party!

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I tell all my patients this at physical therapy! Homemade Ice packs: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it. every athlete (or mom) should pin this!

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Make solar garden lights! Find a glass jar, paint the inside with Elmer glue tinted the color you want and then go to the DOLLAR TREE and buy a solar light. Wala! Outdoor lights for nearly nothing!

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We NEED THIS!!! - Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap

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