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Oh, the memories....

Mekalekahi meka hiney ho! The Peewee Herman Show!

Fond memories of the 80's! love them all! Let's bring back swatch watches...

Swatch watches. I lost my first one, babysit bratty kids for months to earn enough to replace it (the exact same leopard print one), then dropped it the next day only to have it run over by a school bus! LOL! So, yep, I babysat some more and bought the third one.

Stuff from the 80s - Swatch watch, banana clips, friendship bracelets

the wonderful viewmaster

Infa-Seat, baby seat..These had a thin wire handle that doubled as support to prop the seat up....SOOOOO dangerous!

1975 JC Penny Catalog Fischer Price #toys #retro #70s

playing tic-tac-toe on Merlin!

Who remembers these???? I want 3 for my kids!!! Maybe for bdays... $10 a pop isn't terrible...

My kids will never know...

Magic Slate

Hmm...Miss Mary Ann never saw me in that mirror! :(