tomorrow kicks off beach season, and i couldn’t be more excited about it. driving down tonight to spend some [much needed] time with my sisters, looking forward to a few days of catching up over cold drinks & good food. oh, and lots of fun in the sun!

M e l i s s a♡ from long island. I learned to live my life without regrets. Success comes to those who are not afraid to make mistakes but embrace them.

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A warm evening, time for a walk. Just the sound of a gentle breeze, stirring the palm boughs, and the small waves lapping at the sandy shore. A distant gull's shrill call. A time for reflection. A wonderful time for healing.

Jamaica shade. its 90 degreez in the shade over there right now!

Montego Bay, Jamaica! Definitely my GO-TO place. I can't wait to be relaxing with a 🍹in my hand and not a care in the world. My personal opinion but I think every single parent deserves a Va-K to an exotic island every year! 😎

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Port of Ocho Rios, Jamaica..........stayed here long before all of the high rises and hotels, and large boats. It was once a quaint and quiet little area.

Monterey Bay! My personal favorite spot in the whole world is right on Lover's point. Could literally sit there all day long (and did) listening to and watching the waves and marveling at God's glory! It's very romantic great for a couples getaway.