Mystic Celine

Mystic Celine

Plays ~league~csgo~hots~warcraft and mystic messenger. Elly~ Nya! anime squad right here - watched over 300
Mystic Celine
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Mystic Messenger- Rika #Otome #Game #Anime. Susanghan Messenger XD

I don't hate Rika but still she's done some preeeeettty messed up things. I dislike her and I understand why she may have chosen to do some of the things she did but that is no excuse for what she did.

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Mystic Messenger Susanghan Messenger With the power of Elisabeth the I stop thee

@meeluf ‘s version of Male!Mc inspired me ☆ヾ(* ☉ ω ☉)ノ

Zen in Jumin's route is literally a fucking rat? I heared that don't judge me xD

Kim Yoosung x MC

Kim Yoosung x MC Just love how he brushes his shoulder <<< he did say he'd keep it clean

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