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Surf's Up! Behavior Clip Chart

Surf's Up! Behavior Clip Chart // I could easily change this to a sports theme (off sides, red card, touch down)


This is what one of our grade teachers use and my favorite of the take home communication options. I will likely build my own chart similar to this.

Behaviour Motivation - Write each child’s name on one end of a craft stick and store the sticks name down in a cup labeled “Mystery Student.” Choose a behavior and write it on the board. Select a stick, but don't reveal the name. Throughout the lesson, monitor for the behavior. If he achieves the goal behavior, reveal his identity and reward him (sitting at the teacher’s desk, writing with a special pen, etc). If not, tell the class that there was not a winner this time.

Choose a desired behavior and write it on the board. Select a stick, but don't reveal the name to the class. Throughout the lesson, periodically monitor the named student for the desired behavior.

I love everything about this kindergarten classroom

teacher desk against the wall with guided reading table behind it. i think this might be the answer to my problem!

Love this idea.. Each student had own box with tangible toys they can use if they need a break!

Transition Box for kids with Special Needs. such a key element and a lot of teachers have no idea about it. great for helping a child transition into an unfamiliar environment (pics of people there with names, sensory toy(s), favorite snack, etc).