I want a different style lighthouse but all the other stuff is so perfect! I was a sea turtle somewhere in there too

Photo ideas Bat Skull Lighthouse And Handshake Tattoo - Fresh Tattoos. Often, the lighthouse can be compared to a kind of guiding light. On the skin, generally

fish chart with info on how to catch them.

Tightline Publications How To Catch "Em" Freshwater Chart - Detailed Info - wedding pop

.Amazing work! #tattoos

Get this guy a pirate ship asap. LOVE the coloring. Judd Ripley is the tattoo artist.

"There´s a million more miles to roam" Old school ship chest tatoo. old school.

"There's a million more miles to roam" This piece is so cool to look at, though I don't think I'd have the nerve to get such a massive tattoo myself.

I like the idea of the Compass in the middle and then having other things around it like the Anchor, maybe viking helmet with wings, Swallows and something else.

Sailor Tattoo Flash by ~Chronoperates on deviantART Love the style of the compass in the middle.