Ivory cloud soap - an easy cheap entertainment for the kids.

Kitchen Craft: Soap Clouds! {And homemade kiddie tub soaps

A bar of Ivory soap .this is totally genius. And not just for kids! This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it, and mold it into shapes! It's not wet and messy, either! This is awesome!

naturally dyed easter eggs

DIY Naturally Dyed Eggs with Color Dye Chart. Using things like grape juice, tea, beets, carrots and many more, you can dye eggs (and other things?) in beautiful hues. Tutorial and chart from Two Men and a Little Farm here.

How to Store Vegetables & Fruit Without Plastic | Washington's Green Grocer

How to Store Vegetables/Fruit without Plastic. Tips on how to best store all types of veggies/fruits to keep them lasting longer.

1UP!  Great idea!

I made this for Totoro parade bento, but I realized that I hadn’t done a how-to on this! This may look difficult but it’s a very adorable decoration to your kyaraben. [How to make a radish mushroom and Mario mushroom] […]

So perfect for a summer party!

Orange Jello Shots - add different food coloring for a variety of colors

How to make Sweet Milk Liqueur

Homemade Milk Liqueur

Homemade Milk liqueur: a Portuguese recipe made from equal parts vodka (or grappa), milk, and sugar. This makes a liqueur so smooth and perfectly sweet that you'll want to sip it straight.

Play At Home Mom LLC: Glow water

Play At Home Mom LLC: Glow water and other stuff. I want to make glow water!

Best Coke + Mentos Prank  so evil.

Mentos prank: when the drinker twists the lid to open it, the string is no longer taut and the mento falls into the soda and explosion occurs. Great idea for April Fools! Omg how funny!

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