Do You love the color of the Sky? Coolest pin ever

Do You love the color of the Sky? Coolest pin ever I love the color of sky!

Iooove when people have different earrings like this!!

I wish my ear could handle all the piercings! I love this look. And I want the turtle earring.

They were all friends

Disney Shoutouts!

I need this.

Loved this book - good lesson. The Giving Tree iPhone 4 and iPhone Case by sweethearteverybody. I really need to get this, this story is my favorite childhood book:) oh i want this!

Pen that detects colors of objects and then duplicates... I want one!!!

The future of 'coloring in' is here. Introducing the color picker pen.

I want one! I hope this idea is developed Color Picker Pen: "Concept design by Jin Sun Park, this pen allows you to scan the color of any real-life object and then draw in that color right away." I WANT THIS

If bookworms ruled the world...

“If bookworms ruled the world, bookstores would have shopping carts. you have no idea how many times I have thought of this :-!

The cone just got funnier…

The cone just got funnier…