This might be the best grammar/spelling ecard yet! I didn't picture this before, but I do now, and it's hilarious.

I'm definitely lol'ing

I mistook a 'possum for a cat once, but it was night.and its back was to me.and it was eating out of my cat's bowl. I reached out to pet it and it turned around and I saw its snout and beady little eyes.


Im not a nurse im a cna! But can totally relate! Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Oh you had a bad day? Let me tell you about the catheter I couldn't get in, the guy who threw up on me and my dead patient. The life of a nurse.

Imma be(e)

Here is a Bumble Bee nail tutorial for you guys =) I had no idea that you guys enjoyed nail tutorials so much. I wanted to do a Spring inspired nail design a.


How exactly did "Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub" become a nursery rhyme?

ahaha I die

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haha, perfect.

Whatever Clock from Target

diy clock for my life . and it's not like i can read these clocks anyway.

Catholic Ryan Gosling...haha!

You've heard about Feminist Ryan Gosling, of course. Along with Street Fight-Stopping Ryan Gosling, Woman's Life-Saving Ryan Gosling, and, a.

I'm pinning the pins!

Set of 12 Style Tacks, With our signature Style tacks, you can post notes, to-do lists and photos with signature Ballard style.

like it, @Sandra Proulx Rand?

Ampersand Screen Print Metallic Silver by shopampersand on Etsy

keepin' it realz.

Keep Calm Parody No. 2 Freak out and throw stuff greeting card funny and witty cards

for real.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness has clearly been to target.

Nail + string. Make it for your state with your heart in the city of choice.

wall art idea - use it for any kind of wall decor, e. a Letter of someone's name or a shape such as a heart or butterfly

Who doesn't like a good Irish coffee?

Just use Bailey's Irish Cream:) hehe. I don't drink whiskey, but it's great to be Irish.