Spring Cleaning For The Soul

So true. Some things cause us to break down. Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.


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"We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are." ~Max DePree ☀ (Let's make different choices for ourselves, so we can change, learn 'n become better peeps!

Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [06.28.14]

Today’s multiple choice: Busy is a choice Stress is a choice Joy is a choice Choose well.


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how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you - I want to remember this as I go through my everyday, and make people feel happy and loved. That is what I want people to remember.

I aspire to be a giver. A giver of love,  giver of good vibes and a giver of strength.

I aspire to be a giver. A giver of love. A giver of good vibes. A giver of strength.

Make today count.

So true! Today is the day my loml died, has it been six years already? Make today count. Make your words count. Someday you will learn that you can never get back this moment in time. So MAKE TODAY COUNT.

I made it safely. I hope U did too! Today was another one of those times when I talk to U for just a few minutes & it all comes flooding back..how much I truly love YOU & miss being with YOU..how I melt as I look into your eyes..YOU are so special to me Baby!! I love being with YOU & I want to just wrap U in my arms & hold U so tight & never let go!! I Love YOU _____!!!!! Omigosh I Do so much!!! Seriously Baby!:-*:-*:-*

When I follow my heart it leads me to you

Oh so true! I love you, forever. The 25 Most Romantic Love Quotes You Will Ever Read. - Page 12 of 25 - I Love My LSI

Finding someone you feel this way about, someone that tells you they feel this way about you...that's love at its purest. I'm blessed.

For a while you were like a summer vacation getaway beach house. You are my home. And I want to stay with you forever.

Don't think too much.

Yes, the story of my life. Death by analysis. Yes, the story of my life. Death by analysis. Yes, the story of my life. Death by analysis.


Just Remember When You Ignore Her You Are Teaching Her To Live Without You love love quotes quotes quote love quote relationship quotes sad love quotes