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    I am a Registered Nurse & Social Media Strategist, with a flair for food & fashion. #RN #socialmedia -->> More info:

    Seriously, making threats on innocent people's lives because you are angry, is not cool, and will land you in jail if you don't use a #VPN (virtual private network). This is one of the many reasons the #government want to spy on their #citizens. To catch the off-kilter mental cases who forewarn of their attacks. The real #criminals and #terrorists hide behind #encryption services, and use the underweb to carry out their threats. Those are the people who we should be afraid of.

    #Mary-Kate #Olsen 29, reportedly married Olivier Sarkozy 46, in a private ceremony in Manhattan on Friday, multiple outlets report. Sarkozy, who is brother to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, reportedly popped the question with a 4-carat vintage diamond ring, purchased at a Sotheby's auction for more than $80,000. The party decor allegedly featured "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night."

    In #Japan, you can rent “Handsome Weeping Boys” to wipe away your tears. What a messed up society Japan is. If the men are not shagging life like dolls, and buying sex from teenagers dressed like middle school girls; the women are purchasing time to have the affections of "handsome" men at clubs, and now to watch movies. A #dysfunctional society that we need to watch carefully for further nonsense.

    Ann Lowe’s Early Career - The Fashion Historian. The first successful black fashion designer. 1920's - 1940's

    About the #Syrian refugees: Cartoon originally published in Saudi Makkah newspaper, seen here on Twitter. One Twitter user asks: "How did we flee from the region of our Muslim brethren, which should take more responsibility for us than a country they describe as infidels?" The rich Muslim Gulf states know that they don't want poor, displaced, Muslims seeking shelter ,or eventually the same rights as other Gulf state countries.

    Rap artist MIA,# releases self-directed video for new track Borders that follows refugees on hazardous journey to Europe, as lyrics chastise governments’ failure to act

    You Can Film Your Own "Hotline Bling" Video at the Toronto Raptors' Arena in Honor of Drake Night | News | Pitchfork

    We all know that the holiday season means the return of the good old ugly Christmas sweater. Old and #ugly #Christmas #sweaters are so obnoxious. They weren't meant to be, but they just are. That's what makes them so much better than new, tacky sweaters. Most peo...

    SILK ROAD - How a 29-year-old idealist built a global drug bazaar and became a murderous kingpin.

    A list of some of the most concerning medical devices that are vulnerable to hacking.

    Laquan McDonald shooting dash-cam video: short version Chicago officials released the police dash-cam video of the October 2014 fatal shooting of #Laquan McDonald, 17, by a Chicago police officer.

    Powerhouse: #Adele performed her new single Water Under The Bridge on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Monday night

    The Toronto rapper and singer Drake, is seen sitting front row at the Paul Hardy fall 2008 fashion collection. World MasterCard Fashion Week.

    #Nicki #Minaj Barbies Come For #Missy #Elliott, 'WTF' Rapper Responds: 'It's Hard Enough...

    About 1.2 millions Canadians will book off sick from work to shop on Black Friday, but a new study suggests they'll get slightly better deals if they can wait until Boxing Day

    #Uber #Promo code: save $15.00 off your first ride. Valid till Dec 31st, 2015.

    #Cuba #Varadero: Hotel Internacional Entertainment at #Cabaret Continental - YouTube video

    Vegan Cold Pizza Salad Brooks Headley named his East Village canteen for the star meat-free burger, but some of the most exciting things to emerge from his kitchen are vegetable improvs that may materialize mid-meal, their names scribbled on notes taped to the wall. The newvegan cold pizza salad (neither pizza nor salad, in fact) is a recent example, one born of kitchen happenstance, as these things often are.

    WTF?! FDA Has Determined That the #AquAdvantage #Salmon is as Safe to Eat as Non-GE Salmon #GE #GMO

    Create your own #happiness. We are not here to be #depressed or #lonely. We are also not here to only serve others, and live our life for others. If you're feeling #sad and down, it's time to re-examine the state of your mind. #happiness #dailyaffirmations #quotes #mindfulness

    Isis books & gifts gets vandalized

    The Ritz-Carlton Grand #Cayman’s Blue By Eric Ripert is one of the most famous restaurants in the region — for two reasons. The culinary mind of Eric Ripert, and, well, very, very good food that marries France and the Caribbean, from “tuna-foie gras” to butter-poached Caribbean lobster.

    An Inside Look at #Bernie #Madoff's Life in Prison -- New York Magazine

    Despite Atrocities, #U.S. Approves $1.29 Billion Arms Sale to #Saudi Arabia -

    India’s Daughter movie: The gang rape and murder of a 23 year old female. The story is told.

    Apple TV REVIEW! Here's what to expect from the fourth generation Apple TV, including design changes, new features, a new remote and an Apple TV App Store.

    Bring on the Angels! Victoria Secret airs on Dec 8th 2015.

    #Charlie #Sheen reveals he is #HIV positive and has been blackmailed for $10m . This man whore says he's been intimate with over 5,000 women, but it was “impossible” that he had infected anyone. However, he is braced for a barrage of law suits, given that in 35 states infecting someone with HIV is a criminal offence. #charliesheen

    #Hollywood guessing game over lothario with #HIV: Speculation mounts over identity of notorious womanising actor whose hard partying ways have caught up with him.

    Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times -

    Nora, STOP SNORING - The Smart #Snoring Solution project on #Kickstarter.

    Now that we are fully funded, the album featuring the first-ever music scientifically proven to enrich cats' lives can be ordered here. #Music for #cats. #Kickstarter

    #Bluetooth #earphones with tips that mold to the unique shape of your ears in 60 seconds. Unparalleled fit, comfort, sound and features.

    A customizable robo lamp with 2 LED light sources, one RGB controlled by mobile and a clear one controlled by touch! #Lampster

    Dinner at @AntlerKitchenBar on Saturday: everything was good but especially the "Spice Ash Crusted Rack of Venison". The deer was not "gamey" at all and was cooked and charred to perfection. #food #toronto #eat #416eats #droolworthy #yumyum #yummy #foodforfoodies #goodfood #thenaughtyfork #goodeats #foodtoronto #tastetoronto #foodpornto #torontofoodie #tofoodies #foodspotting #torontodining #foodphoto #foodnetwork