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Janece Brake
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Doing the ketogenic diet and looking for some dessert recipes? Give these keto friendly desserts a try.

Keto desserts are a great way to curb your sweet tooth while staying in ketosis when you are doing the ketogenic diet. Give these keto desserts a try.

Ketogenic Diet – 7 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Once in ketosis, your body burns fat instead of sugar and you’ll see accelerated weight loss as a result. The ideal ratio of fat to protein to carbs is / / and you also want to keep your maximum net carbs at less than a day.

cloud bread

Keto Cloud Bread - Low Carb Burger Buns Cloud bread is a great substitute for bread on the ketogenic diet. The term "cloud" comes from the fact that its quite light and fluffy tasting, which comes from the egg whites being mixed and folded into the rest o