Carrie Hansen Swan Textile Design

Carrie Hansen Swan Textile Design Ideas for repeating patterns, classic art deco time - I'm obsessed with this .

Textile Design

Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios

Mitjili Napurrula - Watiya

Design Inspiration // Mitjili Napurrula - Watiya / The painting depicts watiya tjuta (trees). The Aboriginal men use the wood from these trees to make spears, artefacts and ceremonial objects associated with mens business.

Anni Alber's Eclat pattern

Originally designed in 1974 as an upholstery pattern, Anni Albers' Eclat, was first produced printed on a cotton/ linen ground in various scales and color combinations.

geometric pattern

Floor Designs Ideas : Artist Amanda Keeley commissioned LQQKstudio to print a replication of the infamous NYU library floor on tyvek sheets. Beautifully displayed at Fitzroy Gallery as part of the group show For January, Just Ask Alice

Jacqueline Vine with Cosmos is shown in water jet cut Lettuce Ming leaves with hand cut Bardiglio marble Cosmos background. This design is part of the Silk Road Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna Mosaics. (New Ravenna Mosaics)