Tops to make Mason Jars into useful kitchen gadgets!

Jar Tops: "Recycling made not only re-useful, but remarkable. Some of jars have standard-size threads, so transforming that keepsake jar of Dijon or pickels or Nuttela into long-use kitchenware is a snap with these resourceful jar tops by Jorre van Ast.

Flexible grating. Grater flattens when not in use.

Flexita Food Grater by Ely Rozenberg - a flexible grater that makes grating food so much easier. Folding into a grater when needed and stores flat when not in use.

I need these type plugs.

Recharge your mobile devices with ease thanks to this clever USB wall outlet with two built in USB ports. Now you can throw out all those bulky USB power adapters. This USB Wall Outlet is a great gift for the workplace or home office.

Cutting board with drawers

Mocubo - One Stop Chop. It’s time to take food preparation to the next level. Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers. You’ll be able to slice, dice and organize like a master chef, without breaking a sweat.