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How to Write The Perfect About Me Page (Printable Template Included!)

Guess which page of your blog will ~90% of your visitors visit when they first stumble on your site? No prizes for this one.. it's the about me page. Hence, learning how to write an amazing about me page is very important. Here's how to write a perfect about me page. #blog #aboutme


Blog post checklist: Five things to do after you publish a post


4 mistakes I was making on my about page (and how to fix them!)

4 big mistakes you could be making on your about page (and how to fix them!) ||

How to Make Money As A Blogger #GrowYourBlog

How to Start Making Money As A Blogger - the best ways to create income or side money from your blog, with tips and strategies you need to help you make money online.

12 #GirlBoss Bloggers Share Tips for New Bloggers (Part 2

I've rounded up 12 #girlboss blogging babes, and asked them to share their best tips for beginner bloggers. Here are their answers!


Online Income Report for April

This is my sixth blog income report working full time. since I've started blogging full time, I've been working hard to make extra money and increase my income. I'm sharing how my blog has turned into my best side hustle yet and helps me earn a full time

5 Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

Blogging carries a great deal of responsibility, which is especially true if you are a blogger who has built up a large amount of recognition in your industry or in your topic of choice. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself!

How to Start a Blog Today

In 10 months, my newbie blog went from 1,000 page views a month to 160,000 page views a month AND I made $13,000 from my blog. That's crazy! I'm sharing how to start a brand new blog - so if you are thinking of going for it and need some help, this FREE guide will tell you EXACTLY how to start your own blog.