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Kash-In - Edtech, Classroom Management
New features coming soon!!! Kash-In today! #kashinapp Monetize lessons, quizzes, and classroom behavior to award students with digital kash to motivate and reward. Students can spend kash online purchase school/ teacher incentives. Try today. . . . . . . #learningplatform #appsforteachers #financialliteracymatters #learningapp #themodernscholars #classroomrewards #classroomrules #educational #teacherresources #iteach678 #middleschoolteacher #happyclassroom #newfeatures
a cell phone showing the amount of tickets available for each ticket in order to purchase
an iphone screen showing the modern school's application on its mobile device, which is now available for purchase
the tennis court is shown on an iphone screen, and it's not very easy to read
an iphone screen showing the app's menu for students to learn how to play basketball
the student can drop over to find out what they are doing on the app, which is
the app shows an image of a pencil
the quiz questions page on an iphone screen, with question boxes highlighted in yellow and green
the modern scholars app is open and showing what it's worth to do
the screen shows an image of what era is $ 4, 488 based?
the sonic gift card is being displayed on an iphone screen, and it appears to be $ 350
the student's profile is displayed on an iphone
an iphone screen showing the balances for each student
a screenshot of the student results page on an iphone screen, which shows that students are completing their answers