Success doesn't come without failure!

Success doesn’t come without disappointment & failure

Stop making excuses for what you don’t know how to do or aren’t good at and start forcing yourself to go out there and try, try again.

Practice: The Best Way to Overcome Fear

“Money doesn’t give you purpose” is just one of the gems that I am carrying around after reading the new book, Money Making Mom.  Crystal Paine, of Money Saving Mom fame, is releasing her latest book tomorrow.  I’ve been a lurker on her website for years, and I’ve enjoyed several of her books.  So when I... Read more

"Money Making Mom" is almost here! - The Modern Mama

Book Review – Money Making Mom | Simply Maude

Book Review – Money Making Mom

It is phenomenal and incredibly exciting when I get to sit front and center and see what God is doing and the changes He is implementing in my life as they are happening. Often times we don't see t...

Finding Direction In Being A Money Making Mom

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Made for More: A Review of Money Making Mom -

Live simply

Throw Away the Box: A Money Making Mom Book Review – Striving to Rest


Book Review: Money Making Mom


Book Review: Money Making Mom

Do you ever wake up and feel tired & discouraged, or just can’t seem to find the strength to face the day? Here are 5 things I did when I felt tired and discouraged last week:

5 Things To Do When You Feel Tired & Discouraged

The importance of saying "yes" to the best!

Say Yes to the Best {Chapter 2}


You can’t change your financial situation unless…

HOW TO SAY NO WITHOUT RUINING REALTIONSHIPS! This doesn’t mean that you say no to everything and everyone all the time, but that you carefully evaluate each opportunity in light of your long-term priorities and goals and your current responsibilities — and say “no” when something is not a good fit.

How to Say No Without Ruining Relationships

WHAT A MESSY HOUSE CAN TEACH YOU ABOUT FINANCIAL SUCCESS! As I thought about how I was going to attack the piles, I realized that the same plan of attack could be applied to finances.

What a Messy House Can Teach You About Financial Success

WHEN YOU FEEL AWKWARD AND OUT OF PLACE. But then I remembered my new mantra of fully embracing life, so I forced myself to tune out the voices of insecurity and doubt in my head telling me all sorts of lies about I didn’t fit in this group or that I was an outsider. Instead, I decided to look for someone to bless and encourage.

When you feel awkward and out of place

We can’t do everything, but we can do something. We can’t help everyone, but we can help someone. We can’t change the entire world, but we can make a difference in one life.

“Do for one what you wish you could do for all.”

Can I just be really honest with you tonight? You know what one of the hardest parts about blogging has been for me? It’s that some readers want me to be perfect. I know they’d probably never say out loud, …

On Perfectionism & Disappointing Readers

Love this! It's all about perspective :-)

Motivation Quotes | Love, Motivation Quotes


Inspirational Quotes Of The Week - 22 Pics

#Prayer trumps panic. every. time. - that it does.

How to Pray When Feeling Overwhelmed -

What step will you be taking next?

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Live life to the fullest like it's your last!

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So true!

Primitives By Kathy Box Signs for as low as $7.99 shipped

My friend and “neighbor” Jon Acuff has a fantastic post up today about your worst critic. It’s so worth the read! Now to just live this.

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