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Money-Saving Ideas

Tips, ideas, and resources to save more, spend less, and life a frugal life.

Check out this HUGE list of 52 different recipes for DIY natural cleaners -- so many great ideas here!

Spend time with friends, eat good food, and come home with free new-to-you clothes. Here are all the tips you need for making a clothing exchange party a success.

How to shop at Whole Foods without spending your Whole Paycheck

Consigning Tricks and Secrets

Is it possible to survive on a $400 monthly grocery budget? Here Crystal from gives a lot or practical advice and suggestions for eating well on a tight budget. Great read!

This Whipped Butter is SO easy to make, it's delicious, and it's a GREAT way to stretch butter and save a little money. Plus, you can get creative and add different spices or seasonings to change up the flavors. You've got to try this!

Ways to save money, make a list and stick to it. #save #planning

3 things to remember when being frugal isn't easy -- great encouragement as you strive to live frugally!

Stockpiling Without Double Coupons #coupons #extreme couponing

Want to know how you thrifty friends spend so little at the grocery store? This article will take you step by step through the process of saving money on food.

  • Sarah Garner

    I do all the things listed in this article. Only thing is it takes forever to plan and shop. I do save a ton though.

Ever wondered just how to use the ibotta app, or just how it will save you money? Here is a step by step guide to ibotta. don't need a smartphone to use this app.

How We Increased Our Savings by $136 a Month - Such GREAT ideas and encouragement in this post. It's a MUST read!

Think it's not possible to eat well for $30 per week? You've GOT to read this excellent post from It has a complete week's worth of meals you can make for just $25 total!

  • Robbie Lewis

    Since this post is two years old, and grocery prices have increased dramatically, I would love to see an updated post!

  • Karen Burdette

    $30 for two people seems almost doable still, but add an extra four and the other costs that come with babies, and it comes to more like $80-90 at a minimum. Oh and with one gluten free family member that is more. Try at least $4 for a loaf of bread and very expensive flours.

  • Robbie Lewis

    We have 2 gluten free family members, too, so I agree. It's a challenge.

Vinegar Pie is a dessert every money-saving mom should know about. You can make it when the cupboards are nearly bare!

Check out these FANTASTIC strategies for cutting your gift budget in some pretty massive ways while still giving great gifts!

How to organize a small coupon collection that will fit in your purse.

3 Ways to Save Big at Walmart

Awesome Disneyland tips! I had never heard of most of them!

Frugal Friday: What's In Your Pantry?-Save money on groceries just by taking inventory of what is in your pantry.

Frugal Things I did Last Month: March Edition. Practical little tips and tricks to save money around the house.

How to buy a steer to save money on organic grass fed beef! Your questions answered! Learn about the process and the cost.

Are there any expenses more annoying than having to pay for car repairs? Don't miss these six super smart ways to keep car repair & maintenance costs to a minimum. #4 alone has literally saved us thousands!