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Money-Saving Ideas

Tips, ideas, and resources to save more, spend less, and life a frugal life.

Money-Saving Ideas

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How to Stick to a Cash-Based Grocery Budget! The Best advice on how to stick to a budget

How to Stick to a Cash-Based Grocery Budget

3 Things I learned after a year of being debt free For many years, I felt like being debt free was the impossible dream. And then it happened. In February 2014, my husband and I were able to declare ourselves a debt-free family.

3 Things I Learned After a Year of Being Debt Free

My 15 Favorites at Dollar Tree My 15 Favorite Things to Buy at Dollar Tree... what are YOUR favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree?

My 15 Favorite Things to Purchase at The Dollar Tree

How to Stick with $30 a week Grocery Budget Think it's not possible to eat well for $30 per week? You've GOT to read this excellent post from It has a complete week's worth of meals you can make for just $25 total!

Is it possible to survive on a $30 per week grocery budget?

20 Snack Ideas for $0.25! An Amazing list of snacks that won't break the budget! Frugally Blonde has a great list of 20 Snack Ideas that cost less

20 Snack Ideas for Less Than $0.25 Each

Toys are expensive, right? Smart parents use coupons to help offset the cost of those must-have toys, but what if there was a way to get some of the newest and best toys for free? There is, and it’s probably one you haven’t tried: sign your child up to be a toy tester. Here's how toy testing works & how to sign up as a toy tester...

Reader Tip: How to Get Free Toys As a Toy Tester

Check out what my sister, Brigette, got at the grocery store for just $62 this week + see what her family of 6 is eating this week...

Brigette’s $62 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

People ask me all the time whether it’s really worth it to sign up for free samples. Well, all this took me just two minutes to sign up for… So yes, I think many samples are totally worth signing up for! Click through to read more about how to get free samples in YOUR mailbox...

Is it really worth it to sign up for free samples?

My Top 10 Favorite Techie Ways to Save Money! My Top 10 Favorite Techie Ways to Save Money The advent of technology has opened up so many new ways to save! I was doing an interview for a magazine recently and the writer started asking me about some of these. As I began sharing ideas, I realized that I’d never done a post specifically focused on my favorite ways to save using technology. I figured it was high time that I put that post together! So I had fun coming up with my top 10 ways to save money using modern technology:

My Top 10 Favorite Techie Ways to Save Money

Woah! This article on Becoming Minimalist was pretty astounding. "Here are 21 surprising statistics about our clutter that help us understand how big of a problem our accumulation has actually become. 1. There are 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times). 2. The average size of the American home has nearly tripled in size over the past 50 years (NPR). 3. And still, 1 out of every 10 Americans rent offsite storage—the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry over the past four decades. (New York Times Magazine)..."

21 Surprising Stats About How Much Clutter We Really Have

Enter to win a FREE $100 Target Gift Card from! Click through for all the details -- they are giving away 5 gift cards to my readers!

Enter to win one of 5 $100 Target gift cards from!

How Garage Sales, Clearance Sections and Dollar Bins can make you go broke! How Garage Sales, Clearance Sections, and Dollar Bins Can Make You Go Broke -- great read!

How Garage Sales, Clearance Sections, and Dollar Bins Can Make You Broke

Every month you pay your bills and are following your budget that you have made but somehow every month it seems as if you are spending more money then the budget you have says you are going to. The issue may not be the money but more so that you have not included everything you needed to in your budget. Here is a list of 20 things you might be forgetting to put in your budget

20 Things you are forgetting to put in your budget

Freezer-Friendly Baked Oatmeal -- such an easy and delicious make-ahead breakfast recipe!

Freezer-Friendly Baked Oatmeal
  • John Martinez
    John Martinez

    And what went in the baked oatmeal to mkae it taste ok

Recently, I wrote a post on 6 Things Our Family Has Chosen to Splurge On. This post was one of the most-read posts I’ve shared the past few months and many of you asked if I could do a follow-up post listing things we don’t spend money on. So, here's the flipside post — 6 things we rarely spend money on. #6 has especially saved us so much money!

6 Things We Rarely Spend Money On

Oh! I loved this guest post from Sally that I just posted this morning. And I think you will, too! It's very similar to how we do birthdays at our house...

How We Do Birthdays

Want to visit Legoland in San Diego? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Check out these tried and true tips for enjoying Legoland on a budget from Jessica over at Life as Mom.

How to Visit Legoland on a Budget

6 LESSONS FROM AN ALL CASH GROCERY BUDGET! Here are 6 lessons I’ve learned, and why our all-cash grocery budget is the best budgeting decision our family has made to date. Our savings account will back me up on this!

6 Lessons Learned From An All-Cash Grocery Budget

Over the past two years, I’ve really become a fan of essential oils. I know they can kind of feel like a “fad” and I’m not one to jump onto bandwagons. But as one friend after another friend has told me about how much she was loving essential oils, I finally decided to get over my “I don’t do fads” stance and try them. And I was pleasantly surprised...

Why I Don’t Sell Essential Oils

Who wants to win a Vitamix or a $500 Amazon gift card?!?! I’m giving both away this weekend! Click through to enter to win...

I’m giving away a Vitamix & a $500 Amazon gift card!

QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING! This week’s tip is so simple, but it can be extremely effective in helping you save at least $100 per year, if not more.

52 Different Ways to Save at Least $100 Per Year: Is this really a good deal? {Week 32}

So, I figure it’s high time I let you in on something that’s changed for us this past year. Some of you have probably already guessed this was the case. Some of you might be shocked and disappointed. But regardless, I need to come clean about it. Because I don’t want you to assume something is the case when it isn’t. So here’s the truth: I’ve basically not clipped or used any coupons on groceries this past year. Here's how we're keeping our grocery budget low -- without using coupons...

6 Ways We’re Keeping Our Grocery Budget Low — Without Using Coupons

It might sound ridiculously simple — and it is! But it’s true: being organized will save you money. In fact, it could save you at least a few hundred dollars (or more!) per year. Click through for 7 ways being organized saves you money...

52 Ways to Save $100 Per Year: Get Organized {Week 35}

IS IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE ON $460 A WEEK? You might have some tough days ahead of you, but you are going to survive. So don’t lose hope, okay? That’s the first step to your success.

Is it possible for us to live on $460 a week?