buy cheap wooden candle sticks from the craft store and cover them in glitter!

cheap wooden candle sticks from the craft store covered in glitter///This could be cute mixed in with the single-dahlia-in-a-bottle centerpieces, or near the buffet or something.maybe even with tissue paper flowers instead of real ones?

The kiss

San Juan Capistrano Wedding at Serra Plaza from onelove photography

Great idea for a getting ready photo. Would probably be the Groom's favorite :)

pre-wedding pictures, great to give to the hubby as a surprise when you get adding photos back! If i had a female photographer and maybe a pre wedding robe or something to get ready in ☺️

The DIY Bride: Envelope Liners - Check!

DIY: Photo Envelope Liners merrybrides: “ I love this idea of using photos as envelope liners! These in particular were made for wedding invites by The DIY Bride.

gold glitter wedding ideas

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Votive Centerpiece

Cute and cheap! Lots of little candles and a multi-tiered cake plate for each table. Arrange the candles on each cake plate to create a stunning beautiful could also make a beautiful christmas centerpiece with green or red candles.