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How to grow sprouted onions

DIY Moss: Coat pots or rocks with super easy recipe: 1 Part Moss. 1 Part Sugar. 2 Parts Beer.

Stained Glass Hosta

Great idea for the veg garden: all you need is PVC, a drill, and a hose.

CLEMATIS VINES are HUNGRY for vitamins and nutrients. Feed them a clematis smoothie for massive blooms. Save banana peels, eggshells, and tomato discards. Put in a blender with water, purée, then pour around the root areas.

"Eden" is a climbing rose a wonderful David Austen rose---very fragrant! The whole vine gets heavily covered in the Spring just like this.

How to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes

Soaking seeds before planting is an “old time” gardener’s trick that many new gardeners are not aware of. When you soak seeds before planting, you can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes for a seed to germinate. Let’s look at the reasons for soaking seeds and how to soak seeds.… By Heather Rhoades | Gardening Know How

'Citronelle' coral bells (Heuchera 'Citronelle') - one of the best, brightest Heucheras for shade.

How to build a lattice privacy screen on a budget, Step by step {tutorial} under $40 by Jessica at Four Generations One Roof

DIY: Easy Way to Propagate Roses.dcc

Beautiful Japanese forest grass [Hakonechloa), great shade groundcover - Cold hardiness zones 4-9. Partial sun. Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

DIY concrete mesh/rebar garden trellis

How to grow ginger tubers

Simply pour 2 cups of CLUB SODA directly in the center of a fire ant mound. The carbon dioxide in the water is heavier than air and displaces oxygen which suffocates the queen and the other ants. The whole colony will be dead within about two days. Each mound must be treated individually and a one liter bottle of club soda will kill 2 to 3 mounds...

How to propagate roses from cuttings