I'll be making something of this nature...

teacher desk/tabletop organizer THIS IS IT! Love how the desk is a shelf and that corkboard is a MUST HAVE! also loving the white desk chair.

I'm making Scratch off cards for rewards this year!  Awesome! :)

How to make a scratch off lottery ticket? You probably know the scratch off lottery tickets? Ever wondered how to make them? Well, they are very fun & easy to make.

Must. Buy. Boxes.

Using dollar store soap boxes to organize - card games GENIUS! The crapy cardboard boxes most card games come in do NOT last long in the hand of an excited four year old.

Yup--that's my classroom!  And yes, I found it on Pinterest!  I feel famous. :D

Clutter-Free Classroom: Polka Dots and Spots Themed Classrooms and goodness know you can never go wrong with polkadots!

polka dot lanterns

Classroom Decor Happy Honeybee Door Sign