Cop Caddy love this!!! except the gun belt part.... That stays far out of reach of the kids.

Police wife life

Police Wife - that's the truth.. although some days I don't feel that strong

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Living the Police Wife Life. Wouldn't have it any other way!

So excited he gets to finally go to a soccer practice for our son on Wednesday. Seasons half over but that's okay. Don't underestimate the little things in life.

Police Tribute (I See Fire) - YouTube

Police Tribute - Bleeding Out - YouTube

Dear Officer, I See You. - YouTube

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Police Wife

So true!

You Know You're a Police Officer When

Cop love. Police wife.

Best Police Wife Marriage Tips- and as an officer myself along with my husband these are great @akaboyer

Police Wife!

"The Police Wife Life: Selfish is Not An Option" - every single word of this article is so true- she takes the words/feelings right out of my mouth. If you ever wondered what it's like being married to a police officer, this is the perfect depiction. Thankful for and proud of my law enforcing husband

Police Wife