Let them believe what they want. Let them tell lies. And remember - the only thing more ignorant than one who lies about others - is the fool who believes those lies.

—t.b. laberge

I would simply change the beginning to "be loved by God", my love is nothing to His, & it's His love that first changes me. In that context it's a beautifully true sentiment.

"Black Dress and Leopard Shoes (OUTFIT ONLY!)" by ginga1203 on Polyvore

Black Dress and Leopard Shoes. I love the black dress and jacket but I& not a fan of the shoes and belt.

She's already testing the limits.

"I am a strong woman who is raising a strong girl, which is why I need a strong drink." And I have TWO girls.

What If I learned these 10 years ago...

18 Life Lessons People Wish They Learned Earlier

The ultimate list of how to swear with fucken class.

Viri sunt Viri (men are men) literally translates to Men are slime