S’mores Hot Chocolate...... OMG.

Since it's getting too chilly to roast marshmallows out by the fire, recreate 'smores inside. Minimalist Baker shares Creamy 'Smores Hot Chocolate with a graham cracker rim and toasted marshmallows on top!

**Healthy Ice Cream Sandwich**    --Ingredients--  -gram crackers  -cool whip  -strawberries    Directions  1. Blend cool whip and strawberries  2. Apply a thick coat to gram crackers and make sandwich  3. Freeze, and enjoy!

Strawberries and Cream Sandwiches

Healthy Ice Cream Sandwich: Ingredients: Graham crackers, Greek yogurt, and strawberries. Blend Greek yogurt and strawberries Apply a thick coat to graham crackers and make sandwich Freeze and enjoy! (changed this from cool whip to Greek yogurt)

Snow-Cone Cupcakes

Snowcone Cupcakes by Bakerella! Red white and blue cupcakes 2 cup all purpose flour 1 cups sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 4 egg whites 1 cup whol

Pulled Pork Winter Tacos

Pulled pork winter Tacos----won't eat it but I wanna decorate food to look classy like this

Wine ice cream. 5% alcohol. This will revolutionize break-ups and girls' nights..

Mercer’s sells six wine flavors: - Ala Port Cherry Merlot - Chocolate Cabernet - Peach White Zinfandel - Red Raspberry Chardonnay - Royal White Riesling This will revolutionize break-ups and girls' nights.